Explorer's Guide to the 10 Best Waterfalls in Minnesota

If you're anything like me, you're always looking for new adventures. I'm constantly on the hunt for the next cool place to explore. One of my favorite destinations is waterfalls. 

By no means is this an "official" top ten but these are ten must see waterfalls if you live in or find yourself exploring the land of 10,000 lakes. Being famous for it’s lakes, the waterfalls in Minnesota might not get the credit they deserve but here we will try to do them justice.


  1. Vermillion Falls, Hastings, MN

I may be biased because this is my hometown and I went here in my childhood. The Vermillion River flows through Hastings and the falls is located right off highway 61 right in the middle of town next to an old mill. The water falls 50 ft over limestone rock walls and then flows down into the Mississippi downriver.

Vermillion Falls  

  1. Ramsey Falls, Redwood Falls, MN

Located in Alexander Ramsey Park, this 45 foot waterfall flows over a granite ravine. Ramsey park is the largest municipal park in MN and is located in the Minnesota River Valley in southern MN.

 Ramsey Falls


  1. Illgen Falls, Silver Bay, MN

In one of my favorite small towns, Silver Bay is a gem and Illgen Falls in Tettegouche State Park is a 50 foot beauty.

Illgen Falls 

  1. Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, MN

Located in the Twin Cities, the Minnehaha creek flows into the Mississippi after a 53 foot waterfall. A very popular spot so you may have to share the view but the park is free.


Minnehaha Falls 

  1. Minneopa Falls, Mankato, MN

Minneopa in the Dakota language translates to “water falling twice” in reference to the falls in Minneopa State Park. The Minneopa Creek flows over the 40 foot waterfall then meets up with the Minnesota River. Best time to see is spring/early summer.


 Minneopa Falls


  1. High Falls on the Baptism River, Silver Bay, MN

This waterfall is also located in Tettegouche State Park. At 60 feet high, this is the tallest waterfall that is entirely within the state of Minnesota.


  1. High falls on the Pigeon River, MN/Ontario border

This waterfall is actually taller than the High falls on the Baptism River but it forms the border with Ontario, Canada. At 70 feet high, you can see this beautiful waterfall from Grand Portage State Park or Pigeon River Provincial Par.

  1. Devil’s Kettle, Grand Marais, MN

This waterfall is a mystery of science. The Brule River carves through Judge C.R. Magney State Park and splits into two streams. The falls on the right drop fifty feet into a pool and then flows out into Lake Superior. The falls on the left drops into a hole and scientists have no idea where this water goes after falling into the hole.

Devil's Kettle

  1. Partridge Falls, North of Grand Portage, Cook County MN

Not the tallest or widest, but definitely a sight to see. Partridge Falls is simply a fun to look at waterfall. If you are imaginative like myself, you may feel like you are in a fantasy land. Like most of the waterfalls on this list, it is also quite beautiful when it is frozen in the winter.



  1. Gooseberry Falls, Two Harbors, MN

I know it’s cliché to put Gooseberry as the best waterfall in Minnesota but from my time living in Duluth, I visited Gooseberry Falls many times and it is a winner for me. There’s lot of people taking pictures but it can also be fun to go on a slightly rainy day when less people are there. The falls are right next to the gift shop and parking lot. If you feel up for a hike, it’s worth following the trail to the Lake Superior shore which most people skip doing. The view of the Lake is superb from the shore here.

 Gooseberry Falls

 Tell me what you think! Do you agree with my ranking? Comment below and let me know! 

Roam Freely,


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