How To Build A Fire In 5 Easy Steps

Today I’ll tell you all you need to know about building a fire. Now you can use a lighter but where is the fun in that? All you need is a flint stick and a pocketknife.

1. The first thing that you should do is find a hard flat surface. I would recommend finding a semi large rock or rock surface wide enough to build your fire. Although I have seen it done on a flattened can of pop too so it can even be small. The reason for this is because the hard surface will reflect the heat from the fire giving you more heat to get your fire started and keep it going.
    2. Next look for a forearm sized brace. This is simply a log. All you have to do with the brace is lay it next to the base of your fire on top of the hard surface. This will improve the oxygen flow that goes through the fire. You often see people blowing on their fires to get it going but having a brace eliminates the need to do this.
      3. Once you have your hard surface and brace, go out and collect tinder and wood. Rule of thumb, nothing green. If it’s green it will create a ton of smoke and most likely it will be wet. When you’re searching for twigs and sticks you generally want to get as much as you can hold in one big handful, you’re going to want to get three sizes of twigs. First you need real thin twigs about 8 inches or longer each. Once you get the amount you need. Go find another handful of twigs slightly thicker, about as thick as a pencil. Then go get a third pile of twigs slightly bigger than the second pile. This should be enough to get your fire going strong.
        4. Once you have your surface, brace, and wood, now you are ready to light it. I like to use tissue to strike my sparks onto, you can also use dry hay/grass, or anything really that will ignite from the sparks. Get your flint stick out and usually they come with a steel piece as well but if not use your pocketknife. Hold the flint piece at a 45-degree angle and strike downward into whatever your tinder is with the tip of the flint stick touching it. A few good strikes is better than a lot of weak strikes so just shave off a bit of the stick with a few strong strikes and your tinder should catch quickly.

          5. Once your tinder is burning, take your smallest pile of twigs, spread them out a bit so oxygen can flow between them and lay it on top of your burning tinder. Once the flames start going above your first pile, add your second pile of twigs. Once the flames get higher than the second pile, add your last pile and boom you have a beautiful fire going. Actually getting the fire started can easily take less than 3 minutes. Here is a great video on how to easily get one started if you prefer to learn by watching:

             I was very excited when I got my first fire going and not only is this a fun experience, it is probably the most important survival skill to know how to do. So go out and try getting a fire going even if you’ve never built one before. It’s not too hard to try and after a while you’ll be a pro. Thanks for reading our blog today and stay tuned for the next one!

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