How to Make a Homemade Bow in 7 Steps


Years ago, primitive people had to hunt for their food. Problem was in order to get meat they needed a way to strike from a distance. They found a way to create bow and arrows out of what they found in the woods so it wouldn’t be so dangerous to hunt large game or small game in trees. Now, making a bow like they did would be extremely tedious and detailed and frustratingly difficult but you can make one out of PVC pipe quite easily. Here is an easy guide on how to create a bow and arrow out of things you can pick up at any hardware store for under $20 and will only take an hour to make. Plus it is a fun hobby you might enjoy.


Materials you will need:

-5 ft long and ¾ inch thick PVC pipe

-3 driveway markers (made of fiberglass)

-Duct Tape



Tools you will need

-Tape measure

-Rat-tail file or just any filing tool

-Sharpie marker


Step 1: Go to the store and get the needed materials

Step 2: Lay your PVC pipe on the ground, measure and mark 1 inch from both ends of the PVC pipe.

Step 3: Use the file and make a notch where you marked your PVC. This is where the parachord will be holding your bow together. You should shave it down about a quarter inch but I find it better to keep filing til you actually cut into the PVC. This creates a stronger grip for your parachord and will prevent the ends from snapping loose constantly.

Step 4: Get your driveway markers. Cut one of them in half. Then take the other two, and place the end of one of them parallel and lined up with one of your notches, then do the same with the other driveway marker on the other end. Then use the tape measure and find the midpoint between the bottom ends of both markers and make a mark with the Sharpie. Take the two pieces from the marker you cut in half and line up the midpoint of both of those with the midpoint you just marked. Once all of the markers are lined up and centered, use the duct tape and tape the middle so they all stay together. If you feel your markers are still kind of flimsy tape wherever else it may be needed.

Step 5: place the taped up markers and slide them into your PVC pipe. Use the duct tape and cover the ends of the PVC pipe now so the markers don’t slide out but if you did it correctly they should be staying in place decently already.

Step 6: take your parachord and make a loop and tie a bowline knot. Look up a video on youtube to make this knot, it’s easy to learn. Once you have the knot tied place it into one of your notches then make another loop about 4 inches short of the other notch and tie another bowline knot.

Step 7: Now step over your bow so it is between your legs and angled up your backside. Wrap your dominant arm around the bow at your elbow and holding your chord in the other hand, simply bend forward and twist your body so your bow starts to bend and bend it until you can place the other loop into you second notch. Now your bow is stringed and looking cool!

Step 8: make some arrows to go with your bow. You can use wooden dowels and sharpen the ends with a knife and then make fledglings with duct tape. Feel free to make or use different types of arrows. You might not shoot very good at first but it takes practice and eventually you may become a pretty good archer.


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