The Northern Wolf Featured Explorer: Eric Schneider

Northern Wolf Apparel has a simple mission- to lead the pack back into the Great Outdoors.
Look through the album to learn more about Eric and how he Roams Freely!
Northern Wolf Featured Explorer

I am 19 years old from the southwestern twin cities. I graduated from Minnetonka High School last summer and I currently go to South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and am studying Geological Engineering. Northern Wolf Featured Explorer

 Picking a single favorite memory from the great outdoors is nearly impossible but I'm gonna have to say a backpacking trip with 5 of my high school buddies last summer in Glacier National Park. The park was absolutely indescribable and experiencing it with some of my best friends made it so much fun and memorable.  
 Northern Wolf Featured Explorer

I enjoy the outdoors because of the serenity, wildness, and beauty that comes with being surrounded by it. There is so much to explore and a lot of it can be completely unexpected.Northern Wolf Featured Explorer

Currently I am just using my iPhone 7 but I am hoping to invest in a real camera soon and through talking to other photographers and doing research of my own, I really liked the Nikon DSLR.Northern Wolf Featured Explorer

A dream location to explore would most definitely be New Zealand. I have always wanted to go there and I am looking into studying abroad and there is an opportunity for that to be where I do it.Northern Wolf Featured Explorer

My favorite place to explore so far would have to be the Black Hills of South Dakota. Living there for the last year has let me find amazing places all over the hills that not many people have seen. There are so many little hidden gems, you would never get bored with it.Northern Wolf Featured Explorer

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