The Northern Wolf Featured Explorer: Lauren Grover

Northern Wolf Apparel has a simple mission - to lead the pack back into the Great Outdoors. 
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Lauren Grover - Northern Wolf Featured Explorer

I'm a 22 Wisconsin girl! I love sunrises and messy s'mores and listening to waves. Next year, I'll be going to graduate school to be a grief counselor for kiddos. Whenever I get the chance, I make time to get outdoors!


I mostly just leave the photography to the experts and take mental pictures for myself but as old school as it is, I always bring a disposable camera! I love how the photos look and I love even more that you have to wait to get them developed. It's like a surprise every time!
Canyon Overlook

There is a lot to love about the outdoor community. Being in true wilderness is the ultimate freedom, you meet incredible people on trails and in campsites, and your relationships are strengthened with people you love. Come on, after weathering a literal storm on a mountaintop together, it's hard not to be closer. 

We are caught up in a culture that promotes self-obsession, but when you're truly outdoors standing in awe of what's in front of you, the last thing you think about is yourself. 
Blue waters

I'm a real sucker for U.S. National Parks. Isn't it crazy that, if all goes as planned, my grandkids will be able to look around the park and see the same thing as my grandparents? Not a thing changed by humans hands. My favorites are Glacier National Park because of the color of the water (see it soon before the glaciers melt!) and Bryce Canyon in Utah. We're pretty spoiled with all the natural beauty in our country.
Northern Pines

I'd really like to make it to Iceland! Seeing the northern lights is pretty high up on my bucket list. 
Misty waters

I spent a summer in Montana interning with a pediatric oncology camp. We started one of our camps by taking the 12 campers and their parents whitewater rafting down the Yellowstone River in Big Sky, Montana. It was a pretty tame day on the river so we didn't hit any major rapids, but it was so fun to see the joy on the kiddos' faces because a lot of them had never done any outdoor recreation before. Plus, we were in Paradise Valley (like what John Mayer named his album after). It was incredible. 

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