The Northern Wolf Featured Explorer: Nevin Johnson

Northern Wolf Apparel has a simple mission - to lead the pack back into the Great Outdoors. 
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Nevin Johnson
My name is Nevin Johnson. I am 26 years old, currently located in Hatfield, PA (30 mins north of Philadelphia). I graduated from Grove City College in 2014 with a degree in Industrial Management. I currently work for Yale Electric Supply as a Project Specialist focused in lighting and lighting controls. It may seem niche, but I love my job, and I love that it allows me to live a lifestyle that I enjoy. By that, I mean it allows me to get out on the weekends or take vacations to explore the world around me. My family and I visited Banff, NP this past summer and it has inspired me to see all of the National Parks in the US. My wife and I knocked two off the list this fall- Acadia & Shenandoah. More to come soon!
Nevin Johnson Featured Explorer Roaming Freely
As for photography, I shoot with a Sony a6000 and most recently a DJI Spark. I look at these as tools to help me remember the experience of each adventure. I can go back and remember what it was like to watch the sunset over Acadia's Bass Harbor Lighthouse and it inspires me to go see more wonders out there.
Starry Night
I have been outdoors since the age of 6, when I joined Cub Scouts. The outdoors stuck with me all through my formative years, all the way to Eagle Scout. Some of my fondest memories growing up were from my camping trips. I learned so much from being out in the wilderness, and I feel like in today's culture a lot of people miss out on that- which is why I am glad companies like [Northern Wolf] exist, to help inspire people to get out and see the world.
Northern Wolf Featured Explorer
Today, the outdoors helps me reset. Being an adult has a lot of responsibilities and stress that comes along with it; when I get out in the wilderness and explore it helps clear my mind and remind me of what life is about. In summary, the outdoors is a center point for me, it always has and always will be.
Tall Tree Roam Freely
My favorite place to explore is the woods. I have grown up camping in the woods and it feels like home to me. There is no better feeling than hiking through the wilderness to a top of a peak (locally for me a lot of those peaks are on the AT and seeing the vastness of nature. It is truly awe-inspiring. PA isn't home to the grandest mountains, but the Appalachian mountains are serene in there own way. They still provide, for me, a good hike with a beautiful view.
Beautiful Sunset/Sunrise
Right now, number one on my list [to explore] is the Grand Teton's. They are a serenely beautiful mountain range. The park looks like so much fun and it is a dream of mine to watch the sunset over them. they may not be number one on other's lists, but from everything I've seen, those mountains are a sight to be seen.
Leaf In the Wilderness
Picking a favorite memory from the outdoors is easy for me. When I was 16, we did a canoeing trek through the finger lakes of Minnesota (Northern Tier) for a week. There is one day in particular that stands out to me. We canoed for half the day and found a small island in the middle of one of the lakes, we docked there and spent the rest of the day there. I remember picking wild blueberries and just sitting on the edge of the island with my friends chatting and truly experiencing the wilderness. We were so far removed from civilization, we were truly surrounded by the vast beauty of the wilderness. It has stuck with me for 10 years as one of my favorite experiences period. 
Nevin Featured Explorer Roam Freely
Recently, photography has ignited another passion of mine. The beautiful thing about that is I am able to combine my love of the outdoors with my passion for photography. I want people (myself included) to look at what I capture and get inspired to do the same. 
Sunlight thru the Clouds

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